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5905 Mullan Rd
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Education, Hands-On Discovery, and Play

Learn how to care for the needs of animals not normally found in a neighborhood. Do you know how much work, love and play goes into working on the farm? Are you interested in knowing where your food comes from and what happens to it when it leaves the farm? Do your children think that the stores are where their food comes from? Do they have knowledge of what these animals look like in real life or only from a book? Get the answers to these and other questions you might have by coming to our events at Farmer John's. Where you and your family can see, touch, hold and interact with several different kinds of animals. Where you are allowed to play and snuggle with lambs and kids (baby goats) and maybe attend a goat yoga class! Farmer John’s has the perfect place where families and friends can come and be educated, volunteer and play. We hope to see you soon!

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