Dairy, Free Range Eggs

Free Range, Local Eggs are in Missoula

We are so lucky to have some of Montana’s most awesome Chickens!

We get most of our chicks from canyon creek poultry located in the Bitterroot. Local breeders Angela and Rebecca Krebs have raised some of the best birds in Montana. We have hatched many of our own but Angela is very particular about the quality of her heritage chicks. Her daughter Rebecca has designed several breeds of chicken that are best adapted to Montana’s ever changing weather.

We couldn’t pass them up!

We have about 50 hens that are raised and handled in a humane way. Along with living the good life they lay some of the best eggs in the county. Our chickens free range on about 1 acre of lush grass that is insecticide and herbicide free and full of a variety of bugs, we also supplement their pasture grazing with our own balanced recipe premium diet rich in local grains from Blackfoot feed, high protein from spent barley from Draught Works Brewery, and Organic Flax seed and supplements from Heritage Organics, (just in case we missed something)

The eggs they produce are gluten free and non-gmo. They are rich in protein, vitamin b2, b5, b6, b12, Selenium, Vitamin E, vitamin D and other minerals and nutrients the body needs. It might surprise you to know that a free range, diet balanced chicken produces an egg containing a yoke that is rich in color and full of awesome goodness. Can’t argue about the taste either!

Our eggs are gently hand washed daily in an organic solution leaving you with the freshest and most wholesome clean egg. The sustainability of our hens comes into play when we feed them kitchen scraps, let them keep our area bug free, and when we sell or use our old hens for stewing.