We Are Farmer John's

John’s family acquired this land about 100 yrs ago. It was slowly turned into a farm where sugar beets were grown, harvested and sold to the sugar beet factory.. when the factory closed, cattle grazed the land providing meat, milk and profit , When the cattle were no longer profitable John decided he wanted to raise sheep. He started out with 30 Targhee sheep known for their wool and meat. He now has over 400 sheep with a mix of Targhee meat and wool sheep, East Friesian milk sheep and a few Suffolk Meat sheep. The animal population has grown to include dairy and meat goats, Dexter cattle, chickens, bees, a yak of course cats, for mousing, dogs for animal protection and dogs and horses for herding.

In 2011 Cheryl and John met and with their common interests and goals, they married. Cheryl’s Hickory Leaf Dairy Goat herd also became a part of the ranch where she continues to breed her goats with excellence in mind for showing, milk production, cheese and of course the newest experience, Goat Yoga!. When John started doing his running of the lambs tours he let everyone know that he was Farmer John. Through the years and events, different times children would holler, “Hi Farmer John!” The name stuck so we decided to combine it with our sustainable practices and named the business Farmer John’s Sustainable Farming LLC.

The benefits of becoming part of the Farmer John’s family is that our farm is full of things that are educational, hands on, family oriented, and close to the city. What else could you want then to have a great family experience, a date night or to take a few hours and step into farm life just outside the city. This is such rewarding work that we would love to share the fun with all who want to participate and learn.

Needless to say, we are always busy finding ways to improve the quality of our animals for meat, wool, milk, show and fun. We would love to have you join in the fun.

Our Farming Practices

#1. Sustainability

According to Investopedia,” Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.” Sustainability also means to use methods that don’t totally use up or completely destroy natural resources. In the past this farm did not adhere to these practices. However, many years ago unsustainable practices were abandoned for sustainable practices.
The land, water and animals on our property are three of the most important resources we have. In order for us to be sustainable it is our responsibility to adhere to practices that preserve our land and water and to treat our animals in a humane and caring way.

#2. Community Centered

For years we have had the opportunity to give local special needs groups, preschools and daycares and other’s farm tours. There is nothing like watching the wonderment in their eyes and the excitement on their faces as they are able to see and touch some of the animals they may have only heard about.

#3. Holistic Practices

Cheryl aspired to educate herself on how to use a holistic approach to treating her sick animals and she also brought this education and her animals to the ranch. This method requires that we consider the whole picture of the animal. This includes the animal’s environment here in Missoula as well as their surroundings at the farm, the feed, the animal’s emotional aspect and the best use of alternative medicine. However, there are times that only conventional methods will work. Holistic practices also require that we treat our animals in the most humane and caring way.

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Meet The Team

John Stahl

Farmer John


Sheep Director

Staci Talbott

Yard Boss

Cheryl Stahl

Boss Lady

Join The Farmer John's Family

Running a ranch this size with this many animals requires a lot of time and expense but it is so worthwhile to us and hopefully to you. We wanted another way for you to have a more involvement in our community so we decided to add the adopt a Lamb project! By adopting a lamb you will be helping with the expense and care of a lamb at Farmer John’s. You will also receive a button and certificate stating the # of the tag on the lamb you’ve adopted for the summer. Thank you for your support!

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